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A nice pic taken with our new camera


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The Dog Blog - Off we go to Wag It Games - No Need For Speed

Starting a new class is always fun and Jilly loved the Wag It Games class.  There are loads of things to do and you can take part in video trials.  Like rally it's come over from America and has been going for a few years.  I hope it catches on as it really is very varied with something for every dog.


Kennel Club

The next Agility Liason Council meeting will be held on 13th July 2017.  There's a big agenda for this meeting and lots to discuss including all the reports from the different panels.  If you want to have some input then contact your local representative to see if there's a meeting near you.  A list of representatives can be found here.

The agenda and all the annexes (there are eight of them) can be found on the Kennel Club website

Even if you can't go to a meeting it's worth reading what is being discussed and what proposals have been put forward as they will affect you if they are approved.

Links to the minutes of meetings can be found on the Agility Bits Kennel Club page.


Parkour for Dogs

Sasha and Jilly have discovered great fun activity using the dog's natural athleticism to negotiate natural and man made obstacles.


Are you looking for a show near you?

The Kennel Club has a useful show finder tool on their website where you can search for any kind of Kennel Club licensed show to enter or go as a spectator.  It includes

Agility, Breed / Dog Showing, Canicross Race, Flyball, Heelwork To Music, Obedience, Rally and Working Trial/Bloodhound Trial


Kennel Club Show Finder



End of year photos

Well done Sasha.  At the grand old age of ten she won two jumping classes at full height.  In Jully she went down to the lower height and won again.  Clever girl.

Well done Jilly.  She had her first wins at Kennel Club shows this year and won up from grade 1 to grade 3.  Her first win was at full height.  She now does the lower height option where it's available as she's a smaller large dog. 



The new dog agility game that has come over from America.  Find out how to make a hoop and see a short video of a hoopers dog.


The Dog Blog - Jilly wins at Barnstaple

Well done Jilly.  She won her agility class at Barnstaple with her first clear round outdoors at a KC show.


Dog Names Survey 2016 

The survey results will be out soon.  Apologies for the delay which is due to health commitments.


Training bits

We've  learned lots about contacts on our training courses.



Puppy and adolescent training

For those people who have just got a puppy this is a really good ebook.  If your puppy has got to the hooligan stage (adolescence) there are some excellent chapters to help you through this difficult phase.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you must have a collie to do agility.  Take a look at this clip of an American trial. (Opens in a new window)

Some of the bits in Agility Bits

The Doggie shop

Lots of bargains from our partners.  Find everything you need for your dog.



Make your own equipment.  Lots of ideas and designs for jumps, contacts etc.

Garden jump and Sasha

Waterproof socks anyone?

I had sealskinz but they didn't last long. There are several different types and sizes available.  These have positive reviews and the outdoor season is coming up...

Eligibility for Classes

If you're grade 1 or 2 it can be confusing working out which classes you're eligible for, especially if you want someone in a higher grade to run your dog for you.  Here are the rules with some examples.


A compendium of bits and pieces on dog training from loose heelwork to leg weaving.  Training also includes Rally Obedience
Sasha goes to regular rally classes and I have started compiling a section especially for people who are interested in this.

Other Bits

Various articles and a complete online ebook on pulling dogs.

Classes and Shows

All sorts of information on starting to compete and what the classes are like. Kennel Club
Handy links to the Kennel Club Agility Pages, including minutes of the Agility Liaison Committee meetings and the Flyball and Agility regulations.

Agility Fun

A light hearted look at the funny side of dog agility including how to teach the dogwalk using a chicken, a cat and a plank.

Jamie and Sasha

Dog Breeds

Most dogs love agility and this breeds directory includes comments from handlers of various breeds. 

Dog Games

Here's a selection of games to play with your dogs plus a couple of daft computer games.

Dog Names

Are you having trouble naming a dog? Most of the names in this section were sent in by visitors to Agility Bits and they may give you inspiration.

Looking for more jump cups

This is where I get mine.  With the extra heights at KC shows you might need some jump cups. 

Regardless of the new regs I shall be adding more cups for the 25cm height so that we can do some jumping grids.


..and's us getting ready for the new season...