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Jilly and Sasha on the downs

Above: A walk on the downs

Agility Bits News and Updates

Everyone's posting their successes for 2019..

I thought I'd do the same.  See how well we did and get a couple of inspirational quotes on the blog....


T'was the night before Christmas Eve Eve,

and all through the house.  Something was stirring and it wasn't a mouse...find out what it was on the dog blog


Starting a new year soon and moving on

Musings on the blog and already thinking about the new year.

Do you have somewhere to train?

What's going to inspire you? 


How to give up smoking the easy way 

Become fitter and stronger and run your agility dog for longer

If you’re a smoker you don’t need me to tell you the benefits of giving up. Not least being better able to afford all those entry fees and training classes. If you’re a hardened, dyed in the wool, seasoned old smoker who finds it impossible to think about giving up then this article is for you.

A new video - Agility Matches - Why are they all laughing at me?

I was reminded of a funny story the other day about something that happened to me at a match.  I thought it could happen to anyone but on second thoughts it could only happen to me. 

It's two days since Sasha's vestibular episode and this morning I rang the vet.  Sasha seemed better but what really worried me was the amount of steroids she was taking...

Vestibular syndrome in dogs

Sasha had a vestibular attack yesterday and had to be rushed to the vet.

This has nothing to do with agility but....

This is something that we read all the time on agility forums so I thought I'd write a bit about something that really has nothing to do with agility

Kennel Club

The minutes of the ALC meeting held on 11th July 2019 are available.
ALC Minutes

How do I get started in dog agility?

This question is often asked by people who would love to try some agility with their dogs.  Here's an FAQ page that will help beginners to get started and have some fun in this great sport of ours.

Rover - Our New Partner

I'm delighted to announce that we have new partner.  Rover is a really comprehensive directory of dog boarders, dog sitters and dog walkers.  I put in my postcode and found some good results for people in my area who could look after the dogs in an emergency.  I do have people who can help out and who have helped out when the chips were down but what if those people weren't available?  Do have a look and see what you think.



The toy symphony

For those of you who use desktops or laptops I came across this very old page on my website.  Alas it was no longer working and Google was complaining.  The page showed a selection of Jamie's toys and when you put the mouse over them they moved and squeaked.  I looked at the code and it was totally out of date.  I couldn't even remember how it was written so I spent several happy hours working out how to get it working again.  It doesn't work on mobiles.  Getting sound to work on mobiles is a black art but one day I may go down that road.  I think I might need to go to the crossroads at midnight to achieve that though. Perhaps I need to get out more.

Make an Emergency Windbreak

Got the tent, got the dogs and entered the show but what about a garden for the dogs?  I'd thrown my old windbreaks away and needed to make a new one n a hurry.

The dog names directory has been updated

I've spent hours updating the dog names directory.  It can be viewed easily on mobile, tablet or laptop/desktop and if your dog's name isn't on the list you can send it in.  There are no annoying pop ups and only the names are collected, no personal information or email addresses.  The form sends the names only to my inbox and I add them manually to the directory.  This must be the only website in the world that doesn't use cookies but I've still got a privacy policy.  Happy name hunting.

Pilchard cake cut into piecesPilchard and Tomato Cake for dogs

Here's a really easy recipe for home made dog treats and the dogs love it. There's a link to my YouTube video on the page as well.


Sasha learning to do HoopersJilly's Blog - Why do Hoopers?

For the last four weeks Jilly has been going to Hoopers classes and she's doing very well.  This week Sasha decided she would take up Hoopers as well. Read more about Hoopers on the blog...

Hoopers Rules

For those who are looking for a copy of the Hooperholics rules you can find it here. 

Jilly and Sasha in woodlandLiving with epilepsy

How Jilly's coping following her seizures .  The vets have finally decided that Jilly needs medication to bring her fits under control

Read more on Jilly's blog


Jilly enjoying a camping tripOur first camping trip of the year and we survived a gale

I'm delighted to say our new Coleman Galileo tent survived it's first outing in spite of the horrendous weather.  Jilly did well at the show and we took some comments on board that really helped.


Eat what you like and lose weight

Here's the brand new web page to go with the vlog. I'll be updating it with progress and new ideas and hopefully it will inspire you to shed a few pounds.

Lose Weight with Agility Bits

I've updated the old web page on losing weight seeing as I'm at it again.  I've also added a link to my new vlog with part one of my brand new weight loss plan.  It's all part of the keeping up with, and getting ahead of your dog strategy for those of us who are not in the first flush of youth.

Illustration of a hoop and Jilly Hoopers

The hoopers page has been updated.  Hoopers is the fastest growing dog sport in the UK.  Everyone's doing it.  Find out more and find out how to make a Hoopers hoop.



Indoor training class with Dave MunningsTraining with Dave Munnings

Jilly bounces back after a traumatic week and we spend two hours training the fastest lines with Dave Munnings.  Read more on the blog.....


Jilly and Sasha on a walk

Going through the mill

We have a terrifying ordeal this week but hopefully all is well now....read more on the blog.


Jilly doing shadow skills and showing great focus

Getting Great Focus in the Ring with Wag It Games training

This morning I was sent a brilliant document from our Wag It Games trainer Melissa Chapman...read more on the blog


keeping up with the dog showing Jilly going on at the end of a runKeeping up with the dog

Four things to do when you're old and fat and you think the courses are too fast for you.  Honestly they're not.


In th training field with JillyDog Blog - Weaves that Wow and a dodgy wait

Here's what happens when I don't maintain criteria on the wait at the start.  We did manage to fix it this time....

Socks folded ready for campingDo you want to see something amazing?

In my new video I've just learned how to fold a pair of socks.  No, don't go away.  It might be useful for camping.  On the other hand....

Some of the other dog blog articles

Fun in the snow - We had lots of fun when we got snowed in. 

Hoopers Fun on New Year's Day

Monday 17th December - The final run of 2018 in what's been the most difficult year of my life.

We did it.  We got our wait at the start - I've put a great deal of effort into retraining Jilly's wait

Weaving in the ring - from failure to success

OUCH!  The return of the dodgy knee

It's always the handler never the dog.  Really?

A Startline wait in 6 days - Can we do it?

Ready for measuring?

Hoopers fun at the Cornwall Agility Club show

Seeds, seeds and more seeds - Getting rid of seeds out of their coats.

Painful knees and a load of shoes

The Dog Blog 3rd March - First Place in The Shadows Skills video trial

Getting a great wait at the start - Retraining a serial wait breaker

Jilly doing a great wait at the start

This is the story of a serial wait breaker. It started with a few broken waits then a trail of broken waits and finally absolutely no wait at all. Sound familiar?  Are you as desperate as I was? Read more in the bits section....

Progression in 2019

For those who are a bit confused about the new rules for progression the Kennel Club now has a page that explains exactly what you need to do to progress to a higher grade.  How to progress in agility

Kennel Club - New rules from January 2019

The Kennel Club has announced the new rules to apply from January 2019.  It includes a lower dog walk and tougher criteria for moving up the grades.  If you have a new young dog and you're grade 3 you can start the dog in grade 2.  New jump heights will come in on 1st January 2020 and there will be a fourth measured height.
The press release, FAQs and a link to the record book insert for intermediate dogs can be found on the Kennel Club page.

Kennel Club ALC Meetings

Kennel Club Agility Liaison Council meetings minutes

Links to the minutes of the meeting and all the annexes held on 12th July are available.  This includes the recommendations for new jump heights.

A homemade barn door tyreNew Equipment

I made a barn door tyre and it works.  To have a look at this marvel go to the equipment pages.  It's actually quite easy to make.


Kennel Club

Put your dogs on the Activity Register online.

Parkour for Dogs

Doing parkour with the dogs on the downs

Sasha and Jilly have discovered great fun activity using the dog's natural athleticism to negotiate natural and man made obstacles.

Are you looking for a show near you?

The Kennel Club has a useful show finder tool on their website where you can search for any kind of Kennel Club licensed show to enter or go as a spectator.  It includes

Agility, Breed / Dog Showing, Canicross Race, Flyball, Heelwork To Music, Obedience, Rally and Working Trial/Bloodhound Trials

Kennel Club logo




Kennel Club Show Finder

You can also find useful Kennel Club links and all the minutes of the Agility Liaison Council Meetings on the Kennel Club page.

Jilly training contacts as a puppyTraining bits

We've  learned lots about contacts on our training courses.



Puppy and adolescent training

For those people who have just got a puppy this is a really good ebook.  If your puppy has got to the hooligan stage (adolescence) there are some excellent chapters to help you through this difficult phase.

In memory of Bernie

Visitors to Agility Bits may have noticed that the website has been quiet for a while.  Sadly I have to give you the news that my beloved husband Bernie passed away on 21st July 2018.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you must have a collie to do agility.  Take a look at this clip of an American trial. (Opens in a new window)

Pic illustrating a great video of many different breed dogs doing agility


Some of the bits in Agility Bits

See lots of great deals

in the Doggie Shop


Make your own equipment.  Lots of ideas and designs for jumps, contacts etc.

Garden jump and Sasha

Get lifetime cover with the PDSA

Petplanet has lots of great Christmas deals plus their usual sales offers

Petplanet is also well known for its budget cages which are brilliant value.

Other Bits

All sorts of things from getting a great startline weight to folding socks for camping.  There are pages on losing weight for humans and of course a Hoopers page.

Entering  Shows

All sorts of information on how to enter your first shows.  If you just want to get started in agility have a look at the FAQ page How do I get Started in Dog Agility? where you'll find answers to the commonly asked questions

Dog Breeds

Most dogs love agility and this breeds directory includes comments from handlers of various breeds. 

Groomers Online always has lots of offers and now they have a new loyalty scheme.  For every £1 spent online you will earn Pro Treat points that you can turn into credit to spend on anything on the Groomers website

Kennel Club

Handy links to the Kennel Club Agility Pages, including minutes of the Agility Liaison Committee meetings and the Agility regulations.

Agility Fun

A light hearted look at the funny side of dog agility including how to teach the dogwalk using a chicken, a cat and a plank.

Jamie and Sasha

Dog Names

Are you having trouble naming a dog? Most of the names in this section were sent in by visitors to Agility Bits and they may give you inspiration.  The names section has just been updated and you can send in your own dog names if you want to.


I'm going to give these a whirl the next time I need something for the dogs.  They have really competitive prices, free delivery and 15% off your first order.  They've got to be worth a look.

Dog Games

Here's a selection of games to play with your dogs plus a couple of daft computer games.


New Menu

I've been playing with the site and to make it tidier I've used a menu icon at the top of the page instead of using acres of screen.  I hope you like it. It should work on mobiles and various different browsers.  When I have time I'll put it on all the pages.