Dog agility equipment can vary widely. On this page I've featured all kinds of home-made items with easy to follow instructions. This is a great low cost way to get started and you can use up all your odd of bits timber in the process.

Make an Emergency Windbreak

Got the tent, got the dogs and entered the show but what about a garden for the dogs?  I'd thrown my old windbreaks away and needed to make a new one n a hurry.

Breakaway tyre barn door style

A breakaway tyre is expensive to buy and
the Kennel Club regulations are likely to change the heights in 2019. 
I decided to make my own and it was quite easy. The frame is no more than five bits of wood. 

Jump wings

Build your own sturdy jump wings from bits of left over timber. These jumps are easy to make and they're ideal for garden use.

More Jump Wings

Here's some more simple jumps that you can make.  They won't cost you a fortune either.

Simple Training jump

How to make simple training jumps at very little cost.  These jumps don't have wings and are easy to make if you only have very basic carpentry skills.

Easy Garden Jump

This is probably going to be the easiest garden jump you'll ever make.  The good news is you don't need any carpentry skills.  The even better news is that the jump is very cheap to make.

Tyre jump

I made a tyre jump using a length of pipe insulation.  Here's how I did it.

Jump cups

Jump cups are easy to make for free.  If you want to make your jump straight away this is the page for you.


Make a Garden Dog walk

This 28 inch high dogwalk is ideal for gardens.
I made the whole thing including the trestles but you can use trestles bought from somewhere like Homebase or B & Q.

Small garden stuff

Is garden sized equipment any good for training and does it matter if you train a six pole weave rather than a twelve pole weave?

Weaves - Make and train a weave

I've spent hours making different weaves with varying degrees of success. I've also tried different methods of training over the years.  If you're looking for a weave this page might be useful to you.  It includes the current Kennel Club weaving regulations. This page was updated on 02/08/2019.


A full sized see-saw

It took a lot of tweaking but eventually we made a full sized see-saw.

Wobble Board

An easy to make project for dogs and puppies that need some pre training or retraining on the see-saw.


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