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Here's how I make simple dog agility training jumps that don't take up as much room as jumps with wings.

See below for the method.


training jump.gif (3412 bytes)

You'll need two pieces of wood about 38 inches long for the uprights. 3 inch by 2 inch is ideal. I used offcuts bought for 50p each. 
Then you want two pieces of wood for the crosspieces. These came from an old palette. They should be long enough to make a frame about 4 feet wide when joined to the uprights.   
Find two more pieces of wood for the feet. They should be long enough to give the jump stability.
Give them all a lick of paint and then start the construction.

pieces.jpg (11580 bytes)




Nail or screw the feet to the bottom of the uprights as shown in the diagram.

feet.jpg (11833 bytes)

The frame should now look like like this.  You'll need to measure and mark the uprights so that you know where to fix the jump cups.  I use six cups fixed at 35cm, 55cm and 65cm.  If you want a midi height you'll need to measure and mark a height of 45cm.

frame2.jpg (16667 bytes)

Jump Cups

Here's how to make your own jump cups.  You will need a few empty washing up liquid bottles for this.   It's a shame the makers of washing up liquid didn't think of agility people when they started to put the stuff ito funny shaped bottles.  I think we should start a Bring Back the Round Bottle Campaign.

cup1.gif (5199 bytes)Step 1:
Cut the bottom off the bottle to make a pot.

cup2.gif (5532 bytes)Step 2:
Cut the pot in half.


cup3.gif (2889 bytes)Step 3:
Shape each half to make a jump cup.

cup4.gif (7666 bytes) Step 4:
Make two holes in the end.

You now have two jump cups ready for fixing.
Note: It doesn’t go down very well if you buy a crate of washing up liquid andempty the bottles into a bucket.

If you have a fast and furious dog you may find that the bottle cups above tend to wear our rather quickly.  Oh well I have to admit that Sasha knocked the cups to pieces in no time, whereas Jamie used them for years with no damage at all.  He became a very careful and accurate jumper. If you want to buy some sturdy jump cups cheaply have a look at the cups below

jump1.jpg (13111 bytes)

Here's the finished jump.

jump1.jpg (13111 bytes)

Jamie, this is a wonderful jump. Why not try it? Yes it is a wonderful jump.  I went to a lot of trouble to make it you know. 

jump2.jpg (10323 bytes)
OK.  I'll put it down to
fifteen inches.

jump3.jpg (8387 bytes)

I'll give you a titbit
if you try it. 

jump4.jpg (9432 bytes)






jump5.jpg (11758 bytes)

So why didn't you say there was food involved?


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