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One day at the training class Jamie caught his tail in the wing of a jump. It was a folding wing and when he took off across the field the thing bumped along behind him and wouldn't let go.  He blamed the trainer who freed him but it didn't put him off jumping.  It put him off trainers for a while though.

This is how I make jump wings of the non folding variety.  They're very simple to make and you can use any odd   bits of timber.

First I cut two pieces of timber about 24 inches long and make slots in them so they can be joined together. According to my DIY books this is called a cross-halving joint. I'll take their word for it.





The next step is to find a piece of timber about 37 inches long for the upright and two more bits to form the wing. Join these pieces to the base as shown in the photo.

jwing2.gif (24370 bytes)

Now fix a piece of timber diagonally across the top and saw off any excess. You can make the wings as wide as you like and whatever height you want. Don't make them too low though or it might encourage the dog to jump over the wing instead of the pole.

This is the finished article.  As you can see the wings don't match as I've used a few bits of wood that would have gone to waste.  Jamie hasn't noticed.  Now all I have to do is to persuade him to stop gazing into the distance and jump something for the camera.  It's only fifteen inches for heavens sake.


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