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If you want some dog agility jumps for the garden it's easy enough to make a few jump wings.  For this jump I've gone all posh and bought new timber.  This is unheard of for me and I can only assume I'm going soft in my old age.   Anyway, the wood cost around 6 and making the wings is simplicity itself. 




This is the wood all laid out so that you can see where each piece goes.  I used very light wood but you can use heavier timber if your dogs are likely to bash into things and generally knock them around.  

The upright is 50mm x 50mm x 85cm.  The light pieces for the frame are only 12mm x 25mm and are cut to the lengths shown. The cross piece which goes across the bottom of the upright is 75mm x 19mm and is 40cm long.


The first thing to do is to make up the side frame. Nail the three upright pieces measuring 45cm and 55cm to the 40cm piece of frame along the bottom, as shown in the photo. The end piece on the right hand side needs to be set down by the same height as the cross piece. In this case it's 75mm. The end part of my frame is therefore set down by 75 mm. Then nail the diagonal piece across the top. You can now fix the side frame to the upright either with screws or nails.

Finally nail the cross piece across the upright so that the wing stands up.
And there you have a jump wing.  All you need is another one, some jump cups, a pole and some paint and you have a nice garden jump for your dogs, and your visitors' dogs and visiting children who for some reason love pretending to be agility dogs. 

You might be able to think of a better way of putting the jump together by doing the nailing in a different order.  That's the beauty of making stuff.  You can fiddle and alter to your heart's content.  Have fun.




Pictured below is the finished jump all painted with blue gloss and complete with jump cups set at 35cm, 45cm and 65cm.  Sasha's doing a lovely wait.  I did put the jump up to full height but she ran under it.  I also tried to take a picture of her actually jumping but all I got was her tail.  There's also a blurry picture of Jamie jumping the new garden jump.  (Well you try taking photos of excited dogs when you're trying to recall them over a new jump.)

Jump Cups

You can buy jump cups from ebay quite reasonably and they do last.  Here's a few of the live auctions. 


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