Some Other Interesting Bits

  • An update on Sasha

  • It's two days since Sasha's vestibular episode and this morning I rang the vet.  Sasha seemed better but what really worried me was the amount of steroids she was taking.

  • Vestibular syndrome in dogs
    Sasha had a vestibular attack yesterday and had to be rushed to the vet.

  • This has nothing to do with agility but....

    This is something that we read all the time on agility forums so I thought I'd write a bit about something that really has nothing to do with agility

  • How do I get started in dog agility?

    This question is often asked by people who would love to try some agility with their dogs.  Here's an FAQ page that will help beginners to get started and have some fun in this great sport of ours.

  • Eat what you like and lose weight

    This is my new web page on getting rid of the excesses.  It's dead simple and I've shed loads.

  • Lose weight with Agility Bits

    A lot of us get fat as we get older.  Here's how I've managed to lose some weight so that I can keep up with my agility dogs.  

  • Hoopers

    The new dog agility game that has come over from America.  Find out how to make a hoop and see a short video of a hoopers dog.

  • Keeping up with the dog

  • Four things to do when you're old and overweight and you think the courses are too fast for you.  Honestly they're not.

    Parkour for Dogs

    Sasha and Jilly have discovered great fun activity using the dog's natural athleticism to negotiate natural and man made obstacles.

    Comments on Spaying

    Jilly was spayed in April and I found some interesting bits on the internet that I thought would be good to share. 

    Jilly's Blog

    Jilly has her own little training blog where I'll record her progress from puppy to competition. 


    My head has been in puppy land for a while.  If you can bear to look at something adorable have a look at the puppies page.  Bound to make you broody.

    More help for people with difficult dogs

    This ebook by Ian Dunbar is aimed at people who have puppies, however, there is a lot in it that will help you to understand positive training.  There is a particularly interesting section on page 123 about training on walks.  Ian Dunbar claims that you can mend your dog's ways on a single walk.  Read on.

    Pilchard and Tomato Cake for dogs

    This is a wonderfully easy cake to make and the dogs love it.  You can freeze it.

    Training To Video Trial

    Although it refers to Wag It Games this document could be a great help to agility people. I know Wag It Games has really helped us to focus in the ring

    Getting a great wait at the start - The retraining of a serial wait breaker. 

    This is the story of a serial wait breaker. It started with a few broken waits then a trail of broken waits and finally absolutely no wait at all.

    Dog Names

    Are you stuck for a name for your dog?  Our visitors have suggested loads of names which will give you some good ideas.

    Sasha Learns to Weave

    Weaving is one of the most difficult things to teach a dog.  Here's Sasha learning the V-weaves and then the upright poles.

    Agility For Pet Dogs

    Would your pet dog enjoy some simple agility? You don't have to compete or go to training classes to have some fun in the garden.

    Finding Space to Train

    Are you stuck for a little bit of land to set up some jumps?   Here's some ideas that might help.

    Border Collie Collapse

    This syndrome has also been called exercise induced hyperthermia (EIH), or exercise induced collapse.  Sasha has suffered several incidences but with the vet's advice she has coped well.

    Folding Socks

    Camping tip of the year lol.  How to fold socks and save space.


    There's nothing like a bit of variety to keep a working dog happy and so Sasha is learning to herd gym balls.  This new sport is known as treibball.  Jamie isn't impressed but Sasha's having fun.