Core Strength

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Jilly is now two years old and she has good balance and good core strength.  I do exercises with balance cushions and a plastic stool to help her keep up her fitness and balance.  She sometimes rides her skateboard as well and this is great fun for a dog as well as helping them to develop a good sense of balance. 

The exercise cushions I use came from Lidl and they cost 4.99 each.  The pink one is inflated a bit more than the black one as I think the slightly flatter cushion is helping Jilly while she's learning to balance on both of them at the same time. 

The exercise with the stool can be extended if you have a half round piece of guttering.  When the dog is completely comfortable with the rotation you can place it under the stool so that one ends sticks out.  The dog then has to learn to step over the guttering with the hind legs.



Here's a video of Jilly doing her core strength exercises at home.

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Home > Training > Training Jilly > Ketschker Turns