Diagonal Grid

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Another variation on the puppy grids is the diagonal.  The only jump bump with wings is the one in the middle.  Here it's just a plain jump with wings but you can add all sorts of things to change the appearance such as pots of flowers.

Jilly found this grid quite easy after doing the straight line of jump bumps.  The bumps are about five feet apart and the puppy needs to run across them diagonally from all four corners.

Here's a clip of Jilly doing her first diagonals.  She got it right first time and so we don't repeat it.  It will be a couple of weeks before we do this grid again and I'll find some different things to use as wings in the middle of the grid.  Doing this will help a dog to just keep going over anything even if it looks a bit unusual.  That way you don't get phased if a wall or a plank jump suddenly appears on the course. 


Home > Training > Training Jilly > Diagonal Grid