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I created this training section as a record of how we're getting on and what training methods I'm using.  It's always helpful to look back and see what progress you've made from the beginning.  We started with the puppy training, balancing on things, gaining confidence and heelwork and basic obedience.  We went on to puppy training over little bump jumps designed to help them get their stride. We've learned how to get the position on the contacts and how to do some jumping sequences.  Jilly can now jump full height and she will be competing at her first show in August.


Starting heelwork from the very basics, getting into the right position and working in a straight line.

Front and Rear Crosses
Getting a new dog used to changing sides.  Here we're working on front and rear crosses on the flat.  It's helpful to use a pole for the front cross, but in the rear cross you just pass behind the dog.

Jilly started on a wobble board and a small puppy dog walk.  We've struggled a bit with some of the contact training but we're getting there.  

Jump Bumps - Straight grids for puppies
This is a puppy foundation for jumping based on Susan Salo's methods.  Here we're doing the straight grids which will help with regulating the stride for jumping.  It's also a good grid for introducing obstacles with a different appearance and for introducing the first pole.  A new video has been added showing Jilly's first jump over a pole.  (This part is for information and older dogs only)

Jump Bumps - Bends
Susan Salo's bend work.  Jilly picked this up very quickly.

Jump Bumps - Diagonals
This is another of Susan Salo's jump bump grids where the dog runs diagonally across the bumps.   Jilly got this first time.

Puppy Jumping variations
To keep Jilly's interest we've started doing circles and simple sequences over the jump bumps.

First sequences over crossed poles
Jilly is very nearly old enough for her first training class and to help her on her way we've been practicing over some low crossed poles.

Training the weave
There are many ways to train the weave and we had a go at 2 x 2 but it wasn't for us.  We also had a go at channel weaves but Jilly couldn't grasp the concept of running through the channel.  Now we're on the v-weave and we're having much more success.  It really is a case of finding the method that works for you and your dog.

Core Strength
Core strength is important for agility dogs and there are several exercises you can do to build up a dog's strength and sense of balance.  Jilly loves this training.

Home > Training > Training Jilly