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Now that Jilly's ten months old she can start doing a bit more than straight grids and simple bends.  She was starting to get bored with the same thing and so I gave her some easy circles to do.

We're still using the puppy bumps but this time they're arranged in a circle.  We can start and finish anywhere in the circle and this is great for training.  It gets rid of the idea that there's a finish jump and so the dog keeps working until you say stop. 

Here I've also used a low pole.  It's set at 15cm and so is well within Jilly's capabilities.

Here's a clip of Jilly doing a simple circle.




Next we did an easy sequence laid out in a simple shape.


I used a tunnel to give Jilly a bit of variety and to make it easy for her.  We had a bit of trouble with sniffing at first so I used a toy to keep her interest and so that I could throw it over the "jumps" at the end and keep her going on.



Home > Training > Training Jilly > Variations & circles