This is a really easy cake to make and you can cut it up for treats for dogs.  They love it.


155g plain flour

A 155g tin of pilchards in tomato sauce

1 large egg


A sponge tin about 17cm or 6.5 inches across.  This size isn't crucial

Some baking paper


Put the flour into a mixing bowl. 

Beat the egg with a fork.

Mash the pilchards and put them in a bowl tomato sauce and all. 

Add the egg to the bowl and mix everything together.  Add enough water so that the mixture isn't too dry but is about the consistency of a sponge mix.

Cut a circle of baking paper to fit the tin.  Grease the tin with a bit of cooking oil and put the baking paper on the bottom.

Put the cake mixture into the tin a cook it in a moderately hot oven, gas mark 5, 374F or 190C for about 20 minutes.  Test the cake with a skewer when it comes out of the oven to make sure it's cooked through.

Feed it to the dogs when it's cool. You can keep this in the fridge for a day or two but remember it has fresh ingredients so it will go off if kept for too long.  You can freeze what you don't want to use immediately. 

Here's my YouTube video. Just click on the image to view the video. 

The small bowl, beaker and plate are all made from bamboo which is a wonderfully sustainable material.  I bought mine from the Eden Project but if you don't happen to live nearby you can get them from ebay or Amazon.

The eggs weren't laid by the lady down the road they were laid by her chickens.

Here are some of the lovely bamboo items available on ebay.  I was delighted when I discovered bamboo tableware.  It's so light it makes things much easier to carry.  It's the first time in years I've carried a plate of food in one hand without being afraid of dropping it.