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There are several about turns in rally obedience and some are much easier than others.  Older dogs like Jamie can have trouble with doing a smart flip round to the left, but Jamie still enjoys doing a lot of the exercises and he's nearly fifteen.  Here are some video clips of some of the about turns

About Turn Right

This is the easiest about turn for the dog.  Keeping the dog on your left you simply do an about turn to the right whilst keeping the dog at heel.  In the first video Sasha has a go and in the second one Jamie does his about turn whilst being closely watched and interfered with by Sasha.

About U Turn

This exercise is just an about turn to the left instead of to the right.  It's slightly more difficult in that the dog isn't simply following you round but most dogs pick it up very quickly.

Left About turn

This turn looks complicated in the sign but it really is easy.  The dog goes around to the right of the handler while the handler does a U turn to the left. 

These are some of the about turns in rally obedience but there are several more.  The next time we get some good weather I'll video a few more and add them to the page.


Home > Rally > About Turns