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Here are four of the call front exercises.  Two of these finish with the dog sitting in the heel position and two of them are exercises in which the dog returns heel at the end of the call front exercise and continues to walk at heel without sitting.

All the call front exercises start with you walking the dog on a loose lead.  To begin the exercises stop walking forward and call your dog towards you.  You can take three or four steps backwards to give the dog a chance to turn towards you.  Call the dog in so that he or she sits in front of you.  The idea is that the dog comes in to you and sits squarely in front of you.  There are four different finishes to the exercise and each of these is shown below.  Please note, Sasha is wearing her nice pink collar and matching lead.  I look like a refugee who has taken to stealing clothes out of a skip.

Call front finish left

the dog needs stay on your left and flip round into the heel position.  This exercise finishes in a sit.

Call Front Finish Right

This is similar to the call front finish left except that the finish brings the dog around the back of the handler into the sit at heel.

Sasha looks a bit bit fed up in this one.  She's complaining about having her lead put on as if we're going walkies and then doing rally-o in the garden.  Sorry Sasha.  I couldn't get Daddy to come to our training plot and film us so the garden had to do!

Call Front Forward Left

In the moving call front exercises the dog doesn't sit in the heel position at the end of the exercise.  The handler continues to walk forward with the dog at heel.

Call Front Forward Right

In this one Sasha does well to get the sit in front with my confusing hand signals.  She's putting an ad in the local paper for a new handler next week.  What it does do is to illustrate perfectly how quickly a dog reacts to hand signals and how careful you need to be to make them clear.


The Finish Left

If you're having trouble getting your dog to flip round try practising the finish on its own.

Turn part way towards your dog, move your left leg backwards and encourage him to come back to the heel position using a tasty titbit. Moving your left leg will act as a guide to get back into heel.  Reward as soon as you get the right position.  Then move around again and encourage your dog to repeat the action.  Always use the same signal or cue for the finish left.


I Always make sure I vary call front finish left with other exercises.  Dogs are so quick on the uptake that they'll start to anticipate the call front and they will sit at an angle to you when you just want a straight sit at heel.  At the first sign of anticipation do several different exercises in a row and leave out the call front altogether.


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