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We haven't been doing UK rally for very long but already Agility Bits is working out how to make the equipment.  Rally isn't like agility.  You don't need a lot of room and a lot of equipment but it is nice to get it right.  For the signs you can visit the Kennel Club website where you can download all of the signs used in the different levels of UK Rally.

Here are some download links for you.

Level 1 Signs with Explanations

Level 2 Signs with Explanations

Level 3 Signs with Explanations 

The complete Rally regulations


Using ordinary A4 paper, I printed off the signs I needed to get started on level 1 and then I laminated them.  Wilkinsons do the cheapest A4 laminator pouches but if you don't have a shop near you could try somewhere like ebay. 

You also need holders for the signs.  Some people use plastic cones and others use special holders made for the signs, however, this is Agility Bits. You can look at it two ways.  I'm either a poor hard up pensioner or a born again cheapskate. I used flower pots. 

I bought them in Poundland and they were two for 1.  You could always raid the greenhouse or garden shed and just use the bigger size of pots in there. 

The signs are held on with self adhesive velcro and it's the only time I've ever got this stuff to work.  I've always had to stitch it onto clothing or it just pulls off. 

You only need a couple of bits of velcro stuck onto the pot and a couple of bits stuck onto the back of each sign.  If you start by sticking the loopy side to the pots make sure you do it this way on every pot and then put the non loopy bits on every sign.  That way they're interchangeable.


For exercises like the spirals and the serpentine you can just use ordinary flower pots.  They're much cheaper than cones!  Hey presto you now have all you need to start rally-o, apart from the dog but I'm assuming you have at least one of those. 

Now you can set out your own little course round the garden and have some fun. 









    Your oldies might enjoy a bit of rally-o as well.  Jamie insists on having a go and it's followed by a game.








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