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As from 1st October the Kennel Club has officially taken over rally obedience and is inviting registered clubs to promote the activity.  They would also like to see some new clubs evolving and to see the sport progress in the UK.  They have put lots of information on their website. Many people competed under the Association of Pet Dog Trainers rules and for the next six months, up until April 2013

Marie from Paws and Learn says,

"It was always the intention of the APDT UK to promote the sport of Rally to see if it would take off in the UK and at the same time negotiate with the Kennel Club for it to be formalised as a recognised dog sport. The KC have the finance and infrastructure to take it forward, in terms of registrations, qualifications etc. We hope now that there will be many more competitions around the UK. On the whole negotiations took time because they needed to be approved by committees on both sides but there has been very little actual change."

Here are some answers to the questions rally people are asking.

" * Retries have been removed but that was at the request of the APDT.

  * There are the same number of signs.
  * The Kennel Club have elected to change the appearance of the signs which in fairness now differentiate them as being UK signs, rather than US APDT signs.

  * The instructions on how to negotiate the signs have not changed.

  * The new signs will be available to download from the Kennel Club website.

  * There will be a transition period of 6mths.

  * Existing sanctioned APDT competitions will go ahead and qualifications achieved (as with qualifications already achieved), will stand.

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Home > Rally > KC Rally Obedience