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Rally Obedience is now an official Kennel Club Activity

The Kennel Club has been liaising with the Association of Pet Dog trainers to make the running of rally an official activity.  The regulations have been published and all the new signs will be published shortly.  Find out more about Kennel Club rally.

26th September

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers has made the following important announcement

"We are pleased to report that the Kennel Club are taking over the discipline of Rally from 1st October 2012.
Thank you to everyone who has taken part in any way, helping to promote this sport.
We wish everyone enjoyment and success for the future.

Rally Team Carole, Stewart, Marie,Stella."

In April, Debbie Deuchar from the Working Dog Activities Team told Agility Bits

"The Kennel Club has had several discussions with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and have agreed regulations, which are very similar to the ones used by APDT now. We are waiting for the IT changes to be put in place to allow clubs to hold rally events and for new clubs to be registered.  We are hopeful this work will be completed in the next couple of months when we will be able to start authorising and licensing rally competitions."


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Starting Rally Obedience
Rally Obedience, UK Rally is a relatively new sport in Britain and soon it has recently become a Kennel Club activity.  Find out more about it here. 

Kennel Club Rally obedience

Kennel Club rally and answers to some of the questions people are asking.  Here you will also find some useful links to the rally pages and the KC rally regulations.

You don't need a lot of equipment to start rally-o.  Agility Bits shows how you can get started for next to nothing.


About turns
There are several different about turns in rally-o and some of the easier ones are shown here. 

Call Front
Four call front exercises are demonstrated on this page and these are relatively simple to learn. 


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