The spaniel collie cross is a popular dog for agility and they do make excellent jumpers.  The height varies depending on the breed of spaniel and the height of the collie parent.  A cavalier/collie might stand only 15 inches high but a springer/collie will be nearer 18inches and upwards.  This puts the spaniel collie crosses into the medium and large categories for agility.

Here's little Jilly.  Like most sprollies she's an excellent jumper and she's won a few rosettes.  We have had her since she was a puppy and she measures about  475mm at the shoulder. She's in the large height for Kennel Club but she has measured into intermediate starting in January 2020.  She's standard for UKA.

Jilly has an older brother and sister from a previous litter who have done very well on the agility circuit and Jilly is following in their footsteps. 

One thing you have to watch with spaniels and their crosses is that they have a tendency to want to find exciting scents.  On walks they love to explore in all the bushes and in the agility ring the nose can go to the ground if there's a great scent.  They need a bit of training to get over this.  One great piece of advice I had recently was to use the first few runs in competition to really get the dog going in the ring.  To do this you would have to ask the judge if it was OK just to do half a dozen easy jumps and come out of the ring.  This gives the dog confidence and gets them working without staying long enough to be distracted.  At UKA and FAB shows you can train in the ring so this wouldn't be a problem.  Even at Kennel Club shows most judges would prefer this approach to the one where the handler takes several minutes attempting to get their distracted dog over every single obstacle.

Spaniel collie crosses do tend to have a lot of energy.  Spaniels in particular are usually very active, energetic dogs, and collies have bags of stamina.  If you put the two together you do often end up with a dog that has energy in bucket loads and will keep going all day long.  This is great for an agility dog but when you're not doing agility you will still have to keep the dog entertained for a good part of the day.  We do other disciplines as well such as hoopers and Wag It Games and this involves all sort of different aspects of training.  Respondents to the survey found this type of dog easy to train but some agility people have said that they have had a few training problems with these high energy dogs.  Most would agree that they are good agility dogs.

Hairy spaniel/collies like our Hazel  above need a fair amount of grooming.  You need to check behind the ears for tangles and you may have to do some trimming to keep the coat in good order.  This type of dog can stay wet for a long time and they do love water so you'll need plenty of towels for drying after a walk. 



 Yes they do take a lot of grooming I've got one and she's had all her fur choped cuz she had mashive knots. Are there not many of them cuz I've only seen mine Megan and I want to see another of them. Were are they most and were are they from?

Pat comments: This is quite common cross and they do turn up in rescue centres from time to time.  You may well find one for rehoming or puppies for sale in your local paper. 


 I love these dogs, you have to get one

Sprollie Lover: :

 I have a 14/15 month old sprollie and I do agility with her she is like lightning! So fast and loves to work for my love there brilliant dogs and I would recommend them to anyone =) x

Leigh Maddison:

I have this cross in new zealand too. My girls are excellant gun dogs, with sweet natures and buckets of brains! this cross is the nicest dog i have ever known.


Mine's lovely, she's called Megs. I have 2 and a lovely staffie too. Megs is the boss of the staffie she's in control lolxx. Even now she's a real shorty. She's 9 and really fluffy so we had to groom her because she had, well loads of big knots. My mum cut her too much and now she looks like a poodle gone wrong.
Pat comments: Oh poor Megs.  I hope her coat is looking better now.  She probably didn't want to be poodle. 

Jim S:

This looks so much like my own , full of life and a friend to everyone , a happy looking and well cared for member of the family.  


I have a Sprollie! He is currently learning agility and is an average speed for a 10 year old I would say. He is also a competitor in Flyball, despite being a slow running dog he loves it to pieces! He really loves learning agility, as it challenges him to think! He is very intelligent, he definitely catches me out sometimes! 

Karen Archer:

I have a Sprollie and he is loves cuddles and long walks, however he farts a lot.
Pat comments: Try changing his diet or feed meat separately to biscuits. 

Sprollie Handler:

Excellent cross, will work to please and enjoy, not quite as fast as a collie but accurate, height a bit of an issue borderline large/medium.


We have a 4 yr old sprollie that we rescued from the collie trust. He is quite simply the best dog we've ever had - the full package! They are so intelligent and lovable. My advice to anyone thinking of getting one: 1) Be prepared to devote a lot of time to taking it out to the park, fields, hills etc - if you think a ten minute walk on the lead to relieve itself will do then that will be plain cruel for these dogs. 2) Train it properly - if you do this it will reward you with the most satisfying dog owning experience ever!! We take ours everywhere - shops, walks, friends, work - it just loves it - always on the go!!

Georgina James:

My wonderful dog Midge is a border collie/spaniel cross. Midge is now 10 and is still fit as a fiddle. She shows little sign of slowing down, although she is no longer able to keep up with the grey hounds at the park. She is clever, loving and has been a loyal companion to my two daughters. She is my third child and a much valued member of our family. Like most dogs she needs exercising every day and although she is not a guard dog, she is an excellent watch dog - always on patrol when someone comes near the house. I would highly recommend Midge's cross breed to any family wanting a medium sized dog which is easy to look after and fits easily into a family environment.


I have a collie x collie {I think Layla means collie x spaniel - Pat} she is 1 1/2 yrs and the most loving dog to our family. but not that keen on strangers or noisy children! I have got a baby as well (she is fine with her) and sure she thinks that is her baby she is so protective! she was so easy to train. I got her when she was 6weeks, out of a runt of 12. yes she is mad, but soon calms down. She is good with our cats and even the rabbits they hop around with her. she is a fun dog to have!


I had a collie/spaniel mix, brandy. aside from the barking she was the greatest dog I've ever had. she was the sweetest thing in the world. she passed away acouple of months ago, but she will never be forgotten, an will be forever missed. she was truely a great dog...

Kevin Mayhew:

We have just lost our beloved collie/spaniel cross Gwen at 16 years old she was the most loyal affectionate dog you could have & had a very high level of obedience,she was still very active up untill a month before she got ill, we have said that we would not replace her but it has been two weeks now & I miss her so much that I am now finding myself looking at website like this one. I would say to any person that is looking for a friendly breed that is good with children & other animals that this is the one to go for, quite simply a fantastic dog & my best friend, RIP Gwen we miss you.


I have an absolutely wonderful springer spaniel/ border collie mix named Nicodemus "Nikki". I got him in 1995 while I was in college. I rescued him from the pound and he has been the best friend I have ever had. I just found out that he has lymphoma and only has a short time to live. I cannot imagine life without him. He is so smart; at an early age we taught him to speak, talk, and roll over. He was easy to train and has been such a protective and loyal friend. I love him sooo other animal will ever replace his loving personality!!!

Gemma Stephen:

I have just got a collie x springer spaniel puppy from the pound. He is two months old and is just sooooo cute. I've had people stop me in the street to ask to take pictures of him. He is so friendly and just wants to play all the time. I couldn't ask for a better dog. Had him 5 days and already he's mastered the paper training. If you're thinking about getting one, go for it

Alan Beak:

I have the most beautiful cocker spaniel ever, her name is Riley. She's made friends with a local border collie and after reading everyone's comments I'm seriously thinking of maybe trying them for a litter (if they hit it off that is). I just wanted to know a few things, are there actual breeders for the 'sprollie'? and if we were lucky enough to have pups, and both dogs being pedigrees, how much would they sell for?
Pat comments: I don't know of any sprollie breeders but I have seen a lot of dogs of this type in rescue centres.  If you could sell the pups it's difficult to know how much they would fetch as it depends on who particularly wants this type of dog in your area.  You would need to think very carefully about this as you may not be able to sell the puppies at all and it may end up as a case of finding good homes for them.  Breeding can also be an expensive business if things go wrong.   Please see also Gemma's comments in the post above this one.  She got her puppy from the pound.

Henry Nicholls:

My one year old sprollie pup is called Bella, she's always up and at 'em with ample energy and lifts the mood in the house. She gets on gr8 with the cat and kids and is constantly bouncy. But when she settles down, she's so sweet as she curls up with her head on your lap and in the mornings bounds up the stairs to lick your face...fantastic dog/breed!

Nicole White:

I have a lovely collie cross spaniel called Dillon. He's 12 and when we take him anywhere people always think he's a puppy. He's very active and won't leave his ball for a minute. We also have 3 cats and he is scared of them as one of the cats didn't take to him very well when we got her but she's only 2 so she's still very playful. I was just watching a dog programme and wanted to see if I could find anything more out about if they get many problems and would like to know how long is the average life expectancy. He is very well behaved and likes to talk to you if you put any kind of accent on. :D I recommend anyone getting this breed as they're so lovable x


I've sadly lost my black collie/spaniel cross of 14 years called Jake, he was absolutely gorgeous and such a lovely dog, life isn't the same without him, i never imagined him being gone. His nickname by everyone was "Jake the human" as he was like a child. he is going to be missed so much (RIP my baby Jake) xx


We have a sprollie dog that came from rescue. Rufus is the sweetest dog going but very accident prone. He has the speed of a collie and exuberance of a spaniel. Act first and think much later!

Alison Low:

We have a collie/springer who was 15 in February 2008. She is still very active and our vet actually thought she was around 8! She still runs around and has no grey hair at all, which makes her look younger. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old and don't think I could face another dog when she goes. She could never be replaced.
Pat comments: We didn't rush out and get another dog when Hazel died, but the house felt so empty and I was grieving all the time.  Then Jamie came along and changed all that and I'm so glad we found him. 

Tasha Turner:

I have a sprollie of 1.5 years old and she is absolutely adorable, very bright and loving, she thinks she is a lap dog and wants to hug everyone, her name is Sugar the Plum , too cute, what a good mix. Absolutely love her.

Kelly f:

I had a collie cocker spaniel cross called Jake and he lived for 17 years and he was such a friendly intelligent dog and my best friend! RIP JAKE!!! XXX


I am thinking of getting a Spaniel/Collie cross but am wondering a few things. Do they need a lot of walking and also do they need to be with someone at home all day long? Can I leave them in the house for a couple of hours in a day? Please could you answer my questions. Thank You.
Pat comments: Victoria, I think you need to read the comments that other people have made on spaniel collie crosses.  Mostly they are very high energy dogs and they need a lot of walking and mental stimulation.  You can leave most dogs alone for a couple of hours but a dog will need training before you can leave it at home alone.  You need to go out for very short periods and come back again so that the dog gets used to the idea that you are going out but you are coming back as well.  When you first bring a dog into your home and you go out they have no idea what to expect and it wouldn't be fair to just go and leave it for hours. 

Matt Dawkins:

I am only 15 years old and I have a collie cross spaniel and she is called Lady. She is about 15 years old and loves to meet you when you come home and she likes to go for great walks in the country side. We got her at Wood Green animal shelter and she is great to have in the family, but guess what, she is scared of our 4 cats that we have in the house, but what she likes to do after a walk is sleep all day and not to be disturbed. I want to ask how long do cross breeds live for?
Pat comments: It's very difficult to say how long crossbreeds live for as it depends on which breeds are in the dog and whether the dog suffers from any disease that you couldn't possibly foresee.  The vet tells me that generally speaking crossbreeds have what they call hybrid vigour and that this may give them a slightly longer life expectancy. Our Hazel lived until she was fifteen and a half but dogs can and do live longer than this.  The little cavalier collie cross that we had only lived until she was thirteen and a half.  She had inherited the heart problems that are so common in cavaliers.  One of my colleagues has a collie cross that's now about nineteen years old and still going strong.  Lady is entitled to sleep a lot more at her age but it's great that she enjoys a walk.  

Elaine Parker:

I have had the most loved springer collie cross for 11 years called Pip who has been recently put down now. She was wonderful! She did love the water, but not up to her chest. She was absolutely beautiful, loved her mom (more than her dad - even though he had a lot of the cold, wet walkies), and was the best friend. I would definitely get another one in time - if i was lucky enough to be chosen by one!


I have a springer collie cross named isabelle who is 9 months old...what can I say...totally mad she will run all day and then some. She is absolutely beautiful and such a loving dog especially with our cat fez. He doesn't always understand her love but they can pften be found curled up together in front of the fire!


I have a 4 year old Sprollie, she is a great agility dog but is overweight.


Our dog came from a rescue centre and looks like a sprollie. Problem he is so full of beans he is ADHD! He has bags of energy and is as you say a great agility dog when his mind is on task. More often than not he prefers just to spike the competitors rounds when in-training if not on leash!


I have a 3yr old cocker/collie bitch, my first ever dog and the envy of all the dog owners at basic training as a pup as only needed to be shown a command once! Lovely, loving and very pretty dog - stongly recommended! Gets on very well with the cats but can be naughty if she's bored.


I have a 6 month old sprollie boy who is absolutely lovely! Quite a character- a weakness for food, his nose gets him into trouble and in a house with 3 dogs he's the culprit of stolen birthday cakes!! He's an attractive little Fella...Mainly white with black Patches similar to that of a springer tho with frilly ears and a long whippy tail. Easy going gentle dog, very trainable and hoping to do agility / flyball when he's old enough. Would deffo have another one.. wouldn't be without my little Patch :)

Lauren (Cocker spaniel/collie):

I have a 4 year old Cocker Spaniel/Border Collie mix, all black, called Smartie. I got her at Battersea Dogs Home at 6 months old and we brought her to Florida to live with us. She is one of the smartest dogs I have ever had and will learn tricks watching other dogs. She has learnt to open doors from our Shepherd cross, and has watched other dogs retrieve sticks and now brings a stick to me on a walk. She adores water, which unfortunately is dangerous here in Fl due to hidden gators and turtles so I rarely let her swim. But muddy puddles and flooded areas are fun for her. She sheds a huge amount!!

Catherine Berkeley:

I have a lovely ars old and was desperate to be a mum. She found her man...... a most handsome border collie! We now have 6 adorable puppies. They are 3 weeks old and absolute heaven! They are already giving the whole family no end of entertainment. We will definitely keep one and tempted to keep a second, though we already have two dogs! Please contact me if you know of anyone who might like one of these treasures! (published 9th July 07)


I had a fab collie/springer bitch who was the kindest cleverest best dog in the world we lost her 5 months ago and have just got a collie/springer pup who is also fantastic!  I would recommend them highly as a pet as long as you can give lots of exercise and mental stimulation.


My Spaniel / Collie cross, Shelly, is six years old and more energy than most dogs half her age. An absolute gem of a dog to train due to her amazing intelligence and desire to impress. Energy in shedloads, so be aware that these dogs need to be exercised for long periods of time and regularly. These dogs need to have a fair bit of time put about them in order to keep them fit and healthy. My dog has a long coat throughout the winter months and come the end of April / early May she has her coat cut right down to keep her cool through the summer. She is then clipped again in August just to keep her tidy. After each haircut she is a dog with a new lease of life really enjoying the benefits of being relatively nice and cool.  

Anthea (Cocker spaniel/blue merle):

This crossbreed comes into the large category and is easy to train and recommended for agility.


I have a spaniel collie cross called Skipper. He's almost 9 years old.  He's the quietest most gentle dog I've ever come across but he hates water!!  He'll tip toe through a puddle like a ballet dancer, with a look of disdain on his face.  Quite unlike his mother, a full ESS - still alive - who loves water, esp the sea.
Spaniels and all their varieties are the best dogs in the world.


We have a springer/collie called Ruby and she's absolutely wonderful.  We haven't started agility with her but hope to in the future.  Everyone warned us about this x breed but whether we have got Lucky or not, Ruby is a calm, gentle dog, provided she gets her 2 walks a day she'll sleep for the rest of the day.


I've got a hairy spaniel/ collie he is energetic full of energy and he was so easy to train he does love water in the summer he chases after the hose for hours !!