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Eligibility for Classes

If you're grade 1 or 2 it can be confusing working out which classes you're eligible for, especially if you want someone in a higher grade to run your dog for you.  Here are the rules with some examples.

Entering shows

If you want to enter a show and you're not quite sure how to go about it then have a look at this guide.  It will help you understand how to find and enter an agility show.

How to get started in agility

Where to go for training and what you need to do to take part in agility.  If you don't know where to start this page will help you to find training classes, shows and registering on the activity register.

Your Very First Run
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So what do you do when you get to the show?  Everyone will give you advice on how to run your dog but what about the basics of how a class is run and what you have to do. This is the bit that everyone forgot to tell me, so here's a guide for the unitiated.

Not For Competition Runs

Several independent organisations will allow you run your dog in the ring to gain experience.  If you have a young dog or you're having training issues this may be for you.

Combined and graded classes

Some people get really worried about these classes if they're in a lower grade and they're competing alongside some higher grade dogs.  There's no need to worry as the courses will be set so that your lower grade dog can run them.  I've put several videos on here so that you can get an idea of the level of difficulty and what you need to do.

Grade 1 and 2 Classes 

turn.jpg (14143 bytes)How difficult are the courses?  With bigger jump spacings and lower heights the courses have changed a bit but they're all great to run and you won't find anything too difficult for you and your dog.

UK Agility Shows

Although Kennel Club shows are still the most common in the UK you will other other organisations such as UKA that run shows up and down the country and are gaining in popularity all the time.  Here's a brief guide to UKA shows.

Good teamwork

Sometimes you can learn a lot from watching top class handlers.  The video clip on this page shows some exceptionally good handling and I think you'll find it memorable. 

Companion Dog Shows

If you're worried about going to a show for the first time why not get your dog used to the idea by going to a few companion dog shows.