Agility Fun - A sideways look at dog agility

small cartoon of a dog a desk and a civil servant

Civil Service Agility

 That time when the Civil Service  had its  own agility league.

Big knickers on the line

Agility Clothes

What could possibly go wrong?

cartoon of a running dog

Speeding up a slow dog

How I persuaded Jamie to go faster than a slow jog.

testing the dog walk.gif

How to teach the dog walk

With a wimpy dog, a neighbour's cat and some planks....


Knees cartoon

Creaky Knees

A quick guide to growing old disgracefully.

Do you want to be a handler?

Cartoons and some of the daft mistakes I've made whilst trying to become a super duper handler that never puts a foot wrong. 

Agility Design of the Future

Bernie has made his contribution to agility.  Thank heavens he isn't in the Kennel Club.

A gallery of handlers

One way to learn is to observe other people in the ring.  These cartoons illustrate some very different styles from the "ballet dancer" to the "clever clogs

Agility Bits

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