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This is a new handler - Here's what to do with her....


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Now you have  a handler ready for action....

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Now you look like a handler you can start training.  First you need to learn to run.  This isn't easy if the last time you ran was when you were forced to do P.E. at school. 

Next you have to add a little lunacy.  You have to learn to shout commands and wave your arms whilst running.  Practice on your own while you're out jogging. This won't upset the dog and it will interest the neighbours.  Now that you are hoarse and your arms are too tired to flap you are ready to start training your dog.

Good handling is all about having a lot of fun with your dog.  The best advice I can give is if you go wrong don't let the dog know, just carry on as if nothing had happened, even it means taking the wrong course.  That way you will have a happy and confident dog and you'll have had a good run. 

However, all the advice in the world can't replace a good trainer.  If you don't know anyone in your area who gives lessons have a look at the A to Z of clubs on Agility net.  This is a very useful page that gives information about various clubs around the country.  You can also look in Yellow Pages for dog trainers and see if any of the people listed there can help you.   Agility folk are very friendly and always willing to help.  If you still can't find anywhere you can always join the Agility Bits forum and ask someone on there.  Have fun. 

Good luck and happy jumping.

Home > Agility Fun > You Want to be a Handler?